I am getting null pointer exception after mocking also. Please find my project structure.

    //this is the pet interface
    public interface Pet{

    // An implementation of Pet
    public class Dog extends Pet{
        int id,
        int petName;

    // This is the Service Interface
    public interface PetService {
        List<Pet> listPets();

    // a client code using the PetService to list Pets
    public class App {
        PetService petService;

        public void listPets() {
             // TODO Auto-generated method stub
             List<Pet> listPets = petService.listPets();
             for (Pet pet : listPets) {

    // This is a unit test class using mockito
    public class AppTest extends TestCase {

        App app = new App();
        PetService petService = Mockito.mock(PetService.class);
        public void testListPets(){
            //List<Pet> listPets = app.listPets();
            Pet[] pet = new Dog[]{new Dog(1,"puppy")};
            List<Pet> list = Arrays.asList(pet);

I am trying to use TDD here, Means I have the service interface written, But not the actual implementation. To test the listPets() method, I clearly knows that its using the service to get the list of pets. But my intention here to test the listPets() method of the App class, Therefore I am trying to mock the service interface.

The listPets() method of the App class using the service to get the pets. Therefore I am mocking that part using mockito.


But when the unit test is running , perService.listPets() throwing NullPointerException which I have mocked using the above Mockito.when code. Could you please help me on this?


NullPointerException is because, in App, petService isn't instantiated before trying to use it. To inject the mock, in App, add this method:

public void setPetService(PetService petService){
    this.petService = petService;

Then in your test, call:


before running app.listPets();


You can also use @InjectMocks annotation, that way you wont need any getters and setters. Just make sure you add below in your test case after annotating your class,

public void initMocks(){

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