We have been looking at the git workflow on the Atlassian website


And based on that we have come up with our own spin on this workflow, which includes a UAT (user acceptance testing) layer

We also have a step where when we promote from develop-to-uat and from uat-to-master that creates a release.txt file, and commits it, which essentially becomes our version number on our website.

I am not overly happy with the release.txt process, I would prefer to use tagging, but the live site is on azure, so it is not uploaded from git, it is packaged up separately.

Workflow Diagram

In the diagram the comments relate to batch files we have created

  • git nf = new feature
  • git mf = merge feature (merge into develop)
  • git uat = promote uat (merge develop into uat, generate release.txt, merge changes back into develop)
  • git nb = new bugfix
  • git mb = merge bugfix (merge into uat, generate release.txt, merge uat back into develop )
  • git live = promote live (merge uat into master, generate release.txt, merge changed back into uat and develop)
  • git nh = new hotfix
  • git mh = merge hotfix (merge into master, generate release.txt, merge back into uat and develop)

I feel we are over enginering the solution, would appreciate any feedback on our worflow design. I can include the batch files too if that helps

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    i think this is a question not belonging to SO as there is no concrete problem in your question, maybe programmers.stackexchange.com – pfried Oct 30 '13 at 22:41
  • Where should it go then? I thought about code review, but there is no code – bumperbox Oct 30 '13 at 22:43

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