i use lxml to read a xml file which has structure like bellow


and my python code is:

from lxml import etree

tree = etree.parse('metaWeb.xml') 

when i run it i get entityref: expecting ';' error

however, when i remove & symbol in xml file, everything is fine.

how can i solve that error?

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The problem is that this isn't valid XML. In XML, a & symbol always starts an entity reference, like &#1234; for the character U+04D2 (aka Ӓ), &quot; for the character ", or some custom entity defined in your document/DTD/schema.*

If you want to put a literal & into a string, you have to replace it with something else, typically &amp;, which is a character entity reference for the ampersand character.

So, if you're sure there are no actual entity references in your document, just un-escaped ampersands, you can fix it pretty simply:

with open('metaWeb.xml') as f:
    xml = f.read().replace('&', '&amp;')
tree = etree.fromstring(xml)

However, a better solution, if possible, is to fix whatever program is generating this incorrect XML.

* This is slightly misleading quite true; a numeric character reference is not actually an entity reference. Also, a character entity reference like &quot; or &amp; is the same as any other reference with replacement text, the entities just happen to be implicitly defined by the XML/HTML base DTDs. But lxml, like most XML software, uses the term "entity reference" slightly more broadly than the standard.


Replace & with &amp; in your xml file, othewise your xml is not compliant to the XML standard.


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