I want to get a backup of a single table with its data from a database in SQL Server using a script.

How can I do that?

  • SQL Import/Export Wizard. Right click on your database in SMSS/ Choose Item Export – realnumber3012 Oct 31 '13 at 4:18
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    I want do this with script – EBS Oct 31 '13 at 4:21
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    please accept MGOwen's Answer – greg121 Nov 9 '15 at 14:16

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There are many ways you can take back of table.

  2. Generate Table Script with data
  3. Make a copy of table using SELECT INTO, example here
  4. SAVE Table Data Directly in a Flat file
  5. Export Data using SSIS to any destination
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  • If it's for daily backup, we can use replication to replicate the table you want to backup. Then, back up the subscriber database. – DBALUKE HUANG Mar 4 '20 at 20:49
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select * into mytable_backup from mytable

Makes a copy of table mytable, and every row in it, called mytable_backup.

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    It's nice that this query will actually create the "mytable_backup" table. I wasn't expecting that, and had created a new table to backup to. – AidanO May 26 '17 at 9:19
  • I used this alot backing up data to a different schema, and I just noticed that under certain circumstances, there are rows MISSING ! The target could be incomplete. I am not sure why. Better to check the row count after such backup. – Ben Feb 25 '18 at 1:41
  • IMPORTANT: the copy table has no indexes, keys or constraints from the original table! So, it does not really "copy the table (entirely) with its data", but only the fields and the data. – sdlins Jan 4 at 15:52

You can use the "Generate script for database objects" feature on SSMS.

  1. Right click on the target database
  2. Select Tasks > Generate Scripts
  3. Choose desired table or specific object
  4. Hit the Advanced button
  5. Under General, choose value on the Types of data to script. You can select Data only, Schema only, and Schema and data. Schema and data includes both table creation and actual data on the generated script.
  6. Click Next until wizard is done

This one solved my challenge.
Hope this will help you as well.


You can create table script along with its data using following steps:

  1. Right click on the database.
  2. Select Tasks > Generate scripts ...
  3. Click next.
  4. Click next.
  5. In Table/View Options, set Script Data to True; then click next.
  6. Select the Tables checkbox and click next.
  7. Select your table name and click next.
  8. Click next until the wizard is done.

For more information, see Eric Johnson's blog.


Try using the following query which will create Respective table in same or other DB ("DataBase").

SELECT * INTO DataBase.dbo.BackUpTable FROM SourceDataBase.dbo.SourceTable

Backup a single table with its data from a database in sql server 2008

SELECT * INTO  [dbo].[tbl_NewTable] 
FROM [dbo].[tbl_OldTable]

Put the table in its own filegroup. You can then use regular SQL Server built in backup to backup the filegroup in which in effect backs up the table.

To backup a filegroup see: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/backup-restore/back-up-files-and-filegroups-sql-server

To create a table on a non-default filegroup (its easy) see: Create a table on a filegroup other than the default


This query run for me ( for MySQL). mytable_backup must be present before this query run.

insert into mytable_backup select * from mytable
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    The question is about SQL Server not MySQL. – Stephen Kennedy Feb 26 '18 at 12:54

Another approach you can take if you need to back up a single table out of multiple tables in a database is:

  1. Generate script of specific table(s) from a database (Right-click database, click Task > Generate Scripts...

  2. Run the script in the query editor. You must change/add the first line (USE DatabaseName) in the script to a new database, to avoid getting the "Database already exists" error.

  3. Right-click on the newly created database, and click on Task > Back Up... The backup will contain the selected table(s) from the original database.


To get a copy in a file on the local file-system, this rickety utility from the Windows start button menu worked: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DTS\Binn\DTSWizard.exe"

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