On our build server I'm trying to all the packages in a solution from the command line using NuGet 2.7. According to this Microsoft post it should be as easy as

nuget.exe restore Foo.sln

This mostly works except it can't find a number of packages:

Unable to find version '1.5.0-beta' of package 'Google.Apis.Authentication'.
Unable to find version '' of package 'Google.Apis.Analytics.v3'.
Unable to find version '1.5.0-beta' of package 'Google.Apis'.

My guess is that it's not a coincidence that these are the only prerelease packages in my packages.config files. According to the docs nuget.exe restore is pretty much the only command that doesn't have a -Prerelease option, so how can I restore prerelease packages?

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I'm somewhat surprised. Restoring prerelease packages usually works for me. And the package you are talking about seems to still exist if you address it directly.

However, there is a difference between your prerelease packages and mine - it seems that Google.Apis.Authentication/1.5.0-beta is now an 'unlisted' package, meaning it won't show up in search results.

It may be that NuGet has a bug where it won't restore unlisted packages. At least, I assume it is a bug. You've probably solved this by now, but if not, try opening an issue on NuGet issue tracker (nuget.codeplex.com).


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