I am going to design a Fingerprint Recognition System that involves recognizing fingerprint from image, feature extraction and matching. I am willing to implement it through C and Python, that library will be written in C and docked to Python as a module. Here are my questions:

  1. Is there any books that you can recommend me in this field (except Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition)?

  2. I need a device that will simply scan the fingerprint and save it as an image which I can use later through my code. But I can't seem to find one. All of them have their own software for matching and don't allow me to bypass it. Are there any known devices for such task or shall I write my own driver for one of them?

  3. Would you recommend OpenCV?


This is clearly computer vision task, so the answer is: yes, OpenCV is good for the task.

The question of fingerprint recognition already was discussed in in OpenCV forum. So you can start from here .

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