Building a site in yii, where there are 3 types of users. In the UserIdentity::authenticate() I set the type of user like this. $this->setState('role', $user->role->id); Depending on this type, i want to redirect to a module belonging to this type of user. To be more specific; if Yii::app()->user->role == 3 I want to redirect to the default page of the module called 'tradesman'. This is what I got in SiteController::actionLogin():

 * Displays the login page
public function actionLogin()
    $model=new LoginForm;
    // if it is ajax validation request
    if(isset($_POST['ajax']) && $_POST['ajax']==='login-form')
        echo CActiveForm::validate($model);

    // collect user input data
        // validate user input and redirect to the previous page if valid
        if($model->validate() && $model->login()){
                case 3:
    // display the login form

The redirect to the module doesn't work this way. I'am getting the Php notice 'Trying to get property of non-object'. I've then made a method 'defaultUrl in the TradesmanModule which returns Yii::app()->createUrl($this->getId() . '/default/index');. I tried to redirect to Yii::app()->controller->module->defaultUrl, but the result was the same.

I also tried $this->redirect('tradesman/default/index'); & $this->redirect('application.modules.tradesman'); but then i'am getting a 404 error saying 'The system is unable to find the requested action "tradesman".'.

If I am logged in as a user with role 3, and I navigate to the default url of the module, it does work. But how can i redirect?

  • Show your UrlManager rules configs – CreatoR Oct 31 '13 at 15:14
  • You really want em? – veelen Oct 31 '13 at 15:36
  • If you helped my answer - no :) – CreatoR Oct 31 '13 at 15:38

Try $this->redirect('/tradesman/default/index') and make sure that in module exists DefaultController and it's action actionIndex

@Николай Конев is right, it's just redirects to the url /tradesman/default/index, not route. For redirecting by route:

$this->redirect( array('/tradesman/default/index') )

it's absolute route to module tradesman, controller default and action index. If you want redirects to controller in the same module you may use this code:

$this->redirect( array('default/index') )

And if you want redirects to the main application controllers you need to use:

$this->redirect( array('/default/index') ) // with "/" at the beginning

Thanks to @Николай Конев again


To ensure route is working, you have to pass array to CController::redirect():

    // for example
    // your case

In other case you will have redirect broken on url rules change.

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