I have an application X. I want to be able to type in X anywhere inside terminal to be able to launch application X. How can I do this?

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You make sure your application is either in one of the directories in your $PATH or you create a symbolic link from one of these directories to your application:

$ echo $PATH
/home/MEMEME/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:...   # let's just assume it's this way
$ ln -s /PATH/TO/MY/APP/X /home/MEMEME/bin/X
$ X              # starts your application

To be able to invoke X application from anywhere inside terminal, absolute path of X should be a part of environment variable PATH

Option 1

Place your application in one of the paths already defined in PATH variable. Type echo $PATH to list existing list of paths.

Option 2

Add following line in your ~/.bashrc file

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/app/X

where /path/to/app/X should be replaced by an actual path of application X

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