I took up "99 Scala Problems", and I came across Problem 40 which is the Goldbach conjecture.

I came up with this solution which, actually, outputs all pairs of prime numbers whose sum is the given number:

def goldbach(n : Int) = {
  val lprimes = listPrimesinRange(2 to n) // all primes less than n
  lprimes.takeWhile(x=> x < (n-x)).filter(x=> lprimes.contains(n-x)).map(x=> (x,n-x))

Works perfectly, but is is not a one-liner. And this is because in the filter operation, we need to refer to the initial list of primes. Is there a way to write something like this:

def goldbach(n : Int) = {
  listPrimesinRange(2 to n).takeWhile(x=> x < (n-x)).filter(x=> ???.contains(n-x)).map(x=> (x,n-x))

...where '???' will be replaced by an appropriate expression?

OK, I understand that asking for a 'name' for an anonymous value is self-contradicting. But, since I'm solving this problem just for fun, this is an opportunity to find out things about Scala internals; in this figurative one-liner approach, what was initially 'lPrimes' list will actually be internally represented. Do we have access to this internal representation? Or is it something we really should avoid?


No, I don't think this is possible. You could write your own extension method which would work like this:

implicit class RichAny[A](x: A) extends AnyVal {
  def use(f: A => B) = f(x) // could have a better name

and use it as

listPrimesinRange(2 to n).takeWhile(x=> x < (n-x)).
  use(primes => primes.filter(x => primes.contains(n-x))
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  • I like that approach! A generic function that will expose the collection, not the element. Inspired after this, I managed to do it by enclosing listPrimesinRange in a List[List] like that: List(listPrimesinRange(2 to n)).flatMap(pr => pr.filter(x=> pr.contains(n-x))).takeWhile(x=> x < (n-x)).map(x=> (x,n-x)) Mind that 'takewhile' is relocated. It wouldn't work in its original place. – theodojo Nov 1 '13 at 9:55

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