Among the programming problems which I am to test for correctness, I encountered the following, for which I fear I do not know the good solution.


Shortly: here is a loan of given size P which is increased monthly by interest rate R% / 12 and from which client's monthly payment M is then subtracted. Over L months debt is decreased to zero (i.e. client paid it out).

It looks that given P, M and R I can easily calculate L with simple loop. But here is the reverse task - I am to find the monthly payment M by given loan term L along with P and R.

I think that perhaps I can use binary search to test different variants of M and repeatedly calculating L for them... But I am not sure if this would be proper - and I wonder that probably there exist some straight mathematical solution which I could not find?

thanks in advance!

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    Search for "loan formula monthly payment." Here's a site that has the loan formula, and an example: 1728.org/loanform.htm. (They throw in several ads for good measure.) There's also "Mortgage calculator" at Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortgage_calculator , which has the formula for M that you're looking for (they call it c). – rajah9 Nov 1 '13 at 13:45
  • Thanks a lot - with help of your comment I now can understand the answer below completely. Very stupid I did not find the wiki article. However I even could not imagine it could be done without iterations... – Alumashka Nov 1 '13 at 17:52

You can calculate this in constant time.

Rm = R / 12

M = P * Rm / ((1 - (1 + Rm)^(-L)))

Where ^ stands for exponentiation. For example:

P = 1000
R = 24% = 0.24
Rm = 0.24 / 12 = 0.02
L = 5 months

M = 1000 * 0.02 / (1 - 1.02^(-5))
M = 212.16

Let's see if it works:

P0 = 1000
P1 = 1020 // interest
P1' = 807,84 // rate paid, end of first month
P2 = 823,9968
P2' = 611,8368 // after second month
P3 = 624,073536
P3' = 411,913536 // after third month
P4 = 420,15180672
P4' = 207,99180672 // after fourth month
P5 = 212,1516428544

And here you pay it off completely after the fifth month. The number doesn't match 100% due to rounding. You would according to the link round M to 213. However you end up rounding it, round it up, not down.

  • Thanks a lot. I had a problem understanding the formula, but with the help of the links in the comment above I think I can get the idea now. – Alumashka Nov 1 '13 at 17:51

Struggled with it today. I think they wanted the task without formulas. Like a gearing. For educational purpose. It was hard to me too. So, after inspiration in previous Binary Search equation problem, finally I found a way.

def incrMontant(montant,interest,months,payment=0):
while months:
    increment = montant * (interest/100) /12
    montant += increment
    montant -= payment   #this trick call other function.
return montant

def payment(montant,interest,months):
pay = 0
while incrMontant(montant,interest,months,pay) > 0:
    pay += 1
return pay

montant, interest, months = (int(x) for x in input().split())

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