I have symfony service which uses redis connection in some methods but not in all methods.

class ServiceA
    private $redis;

    public function __construct($redis)
        $this->redis = $redis;

    public function getRequest($param1, $param2)
    $result = $param1+ $param2;
        return $request;

    .. other methods which use $redis connection

I am writing functional test for the code which use only getRequest method (this method does not need redis connection) but as the constructor takes the connection as an argument, when I run test it tried to connect redis server.

How can I write mock service which does not use redis connection at all and ignore original constructor.

I am trying approach mentioned below but no success. It still tries to connect redis eventhough I have disabled original constructor.


$serviceA = $this->getMockBuilder('ServiceA')

static::$kernel->getContainer()->set('my_bundle.service.a', $serviceA);

After you create ServiceA mock, you need to pass it to client's container (not the one from kernel's because client object builds its own kernel). Try this:

$client = self::createClient();

$serviceA = $this->getMockBuilder('ServiceA')

$client->getContainer()->set('my_bundle.service.a', $serviceA);

Pay attention, that you must inject this mocked service every time you make a request. It's because the client rebuilds kernel between each two requests.

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    Emphase on the "you need to pass it to the client's container (not the one from kernel)". – magnetik Jul 28 '15 at 13:05
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    Does $client->getContainer()->set('my_bundle.service.a', $serviceA) imply that $container->get() will not instantiate the service anymore? We want to "override" the service but still want the container to inject the service its dependencies afterwards. – Rvanlaak May 19 '16 at 9:34
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    No, it won't instantiate the service anymore once you set the object by "set" method. You need to take care of it by yourself. – Cyprian May 23 '16 at 8:55

You should not mock your tested class, you should mock the Redis class and inject it.

If Redis isn't used for this test, you need not even configure the mock.

$redis = $this->getMockBuilder('Redis')->disableOriginalConstructor()->getMock();
$serviceA = new ServiceA($redis);

There is special tool which takes care of mocked services - https://github.com/ramunasd/symfony-container-mocks

It's easy like that:

$service = static::$kernel->getContainer()->prophesize('my.custom.service');

Have you tried ?

$serviceA = $this->getMock('ServiceA', array('getRequest'), array(), '', false);

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