I have this code:

adapter.send(:conditions_to_fields, :user => user).should == {'owner_id' => user.id}

which I updated to use expect with:

expect(adapter.send(:conditions_to_fields, :user => user)).to eq {'owner_id' => user.id}

but this gives me:

syntax error, unexpected =>, expecting '}'
... => user)).to eq {'owner_id' => user.id}

What did I miss or get wrong with my code that is giving me that error? Is it a common issue?

  • why are you using "expect" when .should matcher looks cleaner and works? :S – arieljuod Nov 2 '13 at 13:56
  • 3
    @arieljuod Because should is not the preferred syntax, expect is. See RSpec’s New Expectation Syntax (by one of RSpec’s core contributors). – Andrew Marshall Nov 2 '13 at 14:01

It thinks you’re passing a block to eq, not a hash. You can solve this by using parentheses around the method arguments:

expect(adapter.foo).to eq({'owner_id' => user.id})
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One way to overcome this is to use Hash instead of {}


expect(adapter.send(:conditions_to_fields, :pwner => user)).to eq \
Hash('owner_id' => user.id, 'owner_type' => user.class.name)
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