As an educational experience, I have been playing around with JavaScript on different websites.

I wanted to try to use JavaScript to remove the entire right bar but to also have the rest of the body text fill in the space received from removing the bar.

However, I am only successful in removing the right bar, but the rest of the page does not fill in the new missing space. Can I do this with just using the JavaScript console?


JS code:

child = document.getElementById("content-related");
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If you haven't yet, get familiar with the developer tools of your browser (Generally you can bring them up using the F12 key). This will allow you to try commands in a console as well as view the elements on the page.

If you view the hierarchy, there is a div with id of columnwrap that contains content-main and content-related. Your command works correctly and removes the element, but if you view the content-main element in the dev tools you'll see that it is set to 70% width so it doesn't reflow and take up the rest of the space.

You can reset the width of the content-main element by setting it's width to either 100% or auto.

document.getElementById('content-main').style = 'width: 100%';
document.getElementById('content-main').style = 'width: auto';

The content-main div is set to 70% of the total width.

Add either this line

document.getElementById('content-main').setAttribute('width', '100%');

or this one

document.getElementById('content-main').style = 'width:auto';
  • auto might be better sometimes Edit: Not on this case, but in some too tight layouts where things can go off if position: absolute or floats are around – Juan Guerrero Nov 3 '13 at 4:06
  • Sure, why not? I edited my answer. – Paul Draper Nov 3 '13 at 4:07

Check the CSS. The attribute width of #content-main is 70%.

In order to fill the whole space:

document.getElementById("content-main").style.width = '100%';

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