Does Elixir have a function that accepts integers and floats and converts them to strings?

I need something like this:

a = 3
b = 3.14
% => "3"
% => "3.14"

Is there a function in Elixir that already does something like this? I looked at the docs and didn't see anything. I also checked the Erlang docs and didn't see any functions like this either.

  • If you are using Ecto it'll convert integers to floats for you. Use Model.changeset – meatherly Jan 21 '16 at 18:15

For each one of the types, there is a function:

If you want a general number_to_binary function, try simply using inspect (that is Kernel.inspect, not IO.inspect).

a = 3
b = 3.14
inspect a
% => "3"
inspect b

You can also use to_string for this purpose:

iex(1)> to_string(3)
iex(2)> to_string(3.14)

Or string interpolation:

iex(3)> "#{3.14}"
iex(4)> "#{3}"

If you really want a function that converts only numbers, and raises if anything else is given, you can define your own:

defmodule Test do
  def number_to_binary(x) when is_number(x), do: to_string(x)

inspect does this

iex(1)> inspect(3)
iex(2)> inspect(3.14)
iex(3)> a = inspect(3.14)
iex(4)> a

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