If $GLOBALS['filefolder'] = 13.pressrum How come

$filefolder = '/'+$GLOBALS['filefolder'];
echo $filefolder

output 13


$filefolder = $GLOBALS['filefolder'];
echo $filfolder

outputs 13.pressrum


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The operator + is numeric / mathematical in PHP. So '/'+$GLOBALS['filefolder']; is equal to 0+13 in your case (php casts both to integer) which actually is 13.

To concatenate use .

$filefolder = '/' . $GLOBALS['filefolder'];
echo $filefolder

A + adds two numbers as in 1+1. So if you use it to concatenate two strings, they get converted to integers internally and thus the result is 13. A dot (.) concatenates two string. So you have to write $filefolder = '/'.$GLOBALS['filefolder'];

You probably confused it with JavaScript, where + is used to concatenate strings (and also for adding numbers, but that's another topic...).


The + operator in php is the sum. If you sum '/' + "13.pressrum", both will be casted to integer.

You should use . to concatenate strings.


+ is a mathematical operator, so PHP tries to find numbers in / and 13.pressrum it only finds the 13 so you get the result of 0 + 13, which is 13.

I guess what you wanted to do is concatenate the strings, try this:

$filefolder = '/'.$GLOBALS['filefolder'];
echo $filefolder

It should output /13.pressrum.

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