I have an Elisp function which takes one argument (so far so good). This one argument is supposed to be an item from a list, and nothing else.

Is there a way I can display the list in kind of a "selection buffer" (like dired), where the user can navigate to the item and select it by hitting enter, instead of having to type out the string manually?

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What you are looking for is completing-read:

(defun foo (arg)
  (interactive (list (completing-read ...)))

The usual way to do that is via completing-read. You can then use a minibuffer-with-setup-hook where you call minibuffer-completion-help so as to pop up a *Completions* buffer right away, so the user can click on his choice.


If I understood the question correctly, you are looking for something like this:

(defun foo (list)
  (let ((arg (ido-completing-read "Select from list: " list))))

The selection process is not like dired, but it is common for emacs users to select from a list using ido or other similar alternatives. You can narrow your search, move between alternatives and a long etc. Type M-x customize-group RET ido if you want to have a feeling of what preferences you may customize.


I like to use popup-menus for this kind of things:

   (list '(50 50) (selected-frame)) ;; where to popup
   (list "Please choose"            ;; the menu itself
         (cons "" (mapcar (function (lambda (item) (cons item item))) 

BTW, one would like to use (mapcar 'cons your-list-of-strings your-list-of-strings) à la Common Lisp, but elisp only takes unary functions in mapcar :-(

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