You know the browser restrictions which disallow remote domain load, ie making this not work:


Is there any way around that? I'd rather not have to iframe the content


You can use a local script written in C#, PHP, or whatever you have access to that can read the contents and relay them back to the jQuery request.

$.post("remote-fetch.php", {url:"http://verizon.com"}, function(results) {

That would call a local php script that would resemble the following:

print file_get_contents($_POST["url"]);
// whatever is printed here will be alerted in our jQuery code

Of course you would want to have some more logic within your server-side script than this. My example is merely just a concept of how you could acheive the results you desire.


Some sites have JSONP APIs. If the site doesn't have an API for cross-domain requests, I think the best you can do is proxy the content through your server.


You can build a simple proxy in PHP or other language that takes the URL as a parameter does curl or the like to return the data to your JavaScript. Just host the proxy on the same domain.

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