Any common ways/patterns to detect is device a SmartTV device by User-Agent headers? Probably searching for TV or something?

Please advise any other TV related platforms worth detecting?

UPD: According to this http://user-agent-string.info/?Fuas=Mozilla%2F5.0+%28SmartHub%3B+SMART-TV%3B+U%3B+Linux%2FSmartTV%29+AppleWebKit%2F531.2%2B+%28KHTML%2C+like+Gecko%29+WebBrowser%2F1.0+SmartTV+Safari%2F531.2%2B&test=8066&action=analyze SMART-TV is it's signature, but...


This PDF describes the "Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV" Useragent standard for TVs which you will find in the useragent of many (not all) TVs. This covers a large percentage of the cases.


Relevant quotes: HTTP User-Agent header

All outgoing HTTP requests made on behalf of an Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV application shall include a User-Agent header using the syntax described in this clause.

The User-Agent header shall include: HbbTV/1.1.1 (<capabilities>;> [<vendorName>]; [<modelName>]; [<softwareVersion>];> [<hardwareVersion>]; <reserved>) Where:

• The <capabilities> field consists of zero or more concatenated Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV option strings as defined in clause 10.2.4.

• The <vendorName>,> <modelName>, <softwareVersion> and <hardwareVersion> fields are the same as the one defined in the application/oipfRemoteManagement object in the OIPF DAE specification [2] and are optional.

• The <reserved> field is reserved for future extensions.

10.2.4 Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV option strings

"+DL" Support for file download feature

"+PVR" Support for PVR feature

"+RTSP" Support for RTSP streaming feature


Don't forget Bluray as a possible TV related device.

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