I'm using python-requests to get an access_token from Twitter using xAuth and their private keys. Currently, an issue is that I don't know how to format this header:

Authorization: OAuth oauth_consumer_key="key_here",oauth_nonce="72393267",oauth_signature="signature_here",oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1",oauth_timestamp="1383672378",oauth_version="1.0"

Currently I'm formatting it as follows:

{'Authorization': 'OAuth', 'oauth_consumer_key': 'dWW6V8isvSGRL4qbElrGw', 'oauth_nonce': params['oauth_nonce'], 'oauth_signature': '', 'oauth_signature_method': 'HMAC-SHA1', 'oauth_timestamp': params['oauth_timestamp'], 'oauth_version': '1.0' }


It turns out, I just needed to put it in a string (keep in mind the ORDER IS EVERYTHING, if the keys/values are out of order then it won't work). The header looks like the following

OAuth oauth_consumer_key="consumer_key", oauth_nonce="61959852", oauth_signature="signature", oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1", oauth_timestamp="1383694192", oauth_version="1.0"

My very simple code to do this is as follows:

def auth_header(creds, http_session):
    auth = 'OAuth ' + 'oauth_consumer_key=\"' + creds['oauth_consumer_key']
    auth = auth + '\",oauth_nonce=\"' + creds['oauth_nonce']
    auth = auth + '\",oauth_signature=\"' + creds['oauth_signature']
    auth = auth + '\",oauth_signature_method=\"' + creds['oauth_signature_method']
    auth = auth + '\",oauth_timestamp=\"' + creds['oauth_timestamp']
    auth = auth + '\",oauth_version=\"' + creds['oauth_version'] + '\"'
    http_session.headers['Authorization'] = auth

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