UPDATE: This is the fix:

  var request = BigQuery.newQueryRequest();
  request.query = sql

  // Inserts a Query Job
  try {
    queryResults = BigQuery.Jobs.query(request,projectNumber);
  catch (err) {

My BigQuery > Google Spreadsheet has been working fine until now, that I'm getting the error 'Required parameter is missing'

The line of code that is throwing the exception is:

  try {
    queryResults = BigQuery.Jobs.query(projectNumber, sql, {'timeoutMs':10000});

The full code is in this tutorial.


Has this happened to anyone else? Have you find a solution to this?

  • Use the issue tracker to report issues, you'll have a better chance to be seen by who have to. Nov 6, 2013 at 20:45

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Instead of this:

queryResults = BigQuery.Jobs.query(projectNumber, sql);

do this:

var bodyOrResource={
  "kind": "bigquery#queryRequest",
  "query": sql
queryResults = BigQuery.Jobs.query(bodyOrResource,projectNumber);

There was a breaking change introduced in the Google internal version of appscript that should not affect external customers yet. If you are accessing BigQuery from outside of Google you should not experience this issue (yet).


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