I am wondering if there is a common mechanism for a third-party side to access to any social network data, and I found this social-networks connect services. In this article, they describe 4 stages for a third party to connect to a social network.

1) Identity Authentication: the third-party application can use the authentication services provided by social network side (e.g., OAuth) to authenticate users.

2) Authorization: the social network provide the permission for the third-party side to access its own data. (normally, social networks again use OAuth to manage the access right)

3) Streams: let third-party sites publish to users' activity stream and vice versa. (e.g., Facebook uses Open Stream API)

4) Applications: let third-party sites develop rich social features within the application scope (e.g., the third-party sides can use Graph API, FQL to update Facebook information)

My question is

1) Is it true to apply to any social network throughout this above mechanism?

2) I've read the Open Stream API that Facebook launched 3 years ago, and when I open Facebook API documents, I don't see it anymore. Is it true that Facebook is no longer supporting this api. Or in the case I misunderstood, is it possible to consider FQL, Graph API the same as Open Stream API in Facebook? or they are different?


Social Networking sites do not give direct access to their streaming data. For e.g facebook gives us public data access through it's Graph/Search API & FQL.

But for streaming data you may have to contact one of their authorized data re-sellers. They can give you one point access to all social networks you need.Datasift & GNIP are the two I remember on the top of my mind. I'm stuck at a similar point, you may also want to keep a track of my SO question which is on similar lines.

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