I'm developping a Java application in which the user is able to change the background of a JFrame using a picture from his computer.

In order to do that I'm trying to get the path name of the picture he selects in windows explorer.

I use this code to open the explorer but I can't figure out what I got to do next to get the selected file path...

p = new ProcessBuilder("explorer.exe", "/select,C:\\directory\\selectedFile").start();

Any ideas ?


  • Works great with JFileChooser. Thanks ! – user2960602 Nov 6 '13 at 14:49

You should use a JFileChooser instead.

Then retrieve the selected file as a File object using the getSelectedFile() method.


Better option is JFileChooser for selecting a file.


I would suggest using JFileChooser.


That may be possible, but it is much easier to use a JFileChooser. You can set the look and feel to mimic the current environment (Windows, in your case). I recommend googling JFileChooser as there are tons of examples (including in the API).

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