I'm trying to automate some perf testing. I'd to pass server locations into a generic jmx from a Jenkins job. I'd like to be able to do something like:

jmeter -n -t foo.jmx -JtestingIP=IP

and have foo.jmx pick up testingIP.

What is the proper way to do this? When I run that jmeter command, it says that the variable has been stored, but inserting either ${testingIP} or ${\_\_P(testingIP,)} into the jmx results in ${testingIP} or ${\_\_P(testingIP,)} to be interpreted as just a string.

What am I doing wrong/not doing at all? Is this even possible?


All you need to do is start your JMeter from the command line (or shell) with the -J option. For example :


And in your script, to get the value, just use function _P:



That should do it.

Note you should put a default value in case you run the script without passing that JMeter property like:


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    Works in jmeter 3.0. Thank you! Nov 23 '16 at 14:52
  • It worked for me. I am using Jmeter Java 1.0 Apr 20 at 8:13

Take a look at this link http://mkbansal.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/jmeter-command-line-script-execution-with-arguments/. Also I would try to specify default value, like ${__P(testingFromCommandLineIP,defaultIP)} where testingFromCommandLineIP -- argument you specify when running test plan from command line, defaultIP -- default value

  1. Open the Jmeter file (jmx) in Jmeter GUI and add parameters as this screenshot:

enter image description here Click on Save button.

  1. Now, run command with this parameters, for example:

    jmeter -t TestPlan.jmx -Jthreads=10 -Jcount=50 -Jrumpup=5 

You have two options to send parameters to jmeter.

First: Sets a system property value.


If value is a string that contains spaces, then you must enclose the string in double quotation marks.


java -Dmydir="some string" -jar ApacheJmeter.jar -n -t PerformanceTest.jmx 

Reading parameters in jsr223 beanshell:

log.info("mydir:" + System.getProperty("mydir"));

Reading parameters in request sampler with Bean Shell function:


Second: Defines a local JMeter property



jmeter -n -t PerformanceTest.jmx -Jmyparamter=4 -Jduration=300

Reading properties in request sampler with Bean Shell function:


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