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I have an Ant target Clean which is normally called by another target Build (all from within Eclipse). Build sets a parameter/property system whether we're talking about the Live/Test system.

But sometimes I might want to run the Clean target directly. How can I make this target prompt the user using an <input> only if system is not set?

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I believe the <input> task already behaves as you'd like:

Since Apache Ant 1.6, will not prompt for input if a property should be set by the task that has already been set in the project (and the task wouldn't have any effect).

From the Ant <input> task documentation.

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May be inside your Clean target, you can use fail unless ant task to check system property is set or not, like:

<fail unless="system" message="system property needs to be set for directly running clean target, like -Dsystem=neededValue"/>
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