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My sample Xml looks like:

    <Month name="Jan">
        <foo someAttr="bar"/>

    <Month name="July">
        <foo someAttr="zzz"/>


And when I say:

<xmlproperty file="${root.dir}/my.xml" keeproot="false"/>

<echo message="Month.foo : ${Month.foo(someAttr)}"/> 

prints me bar,zzz. I want to retrieve someAttr value of foo xml element based on month name. for eg get me Month.foo(someAttr) where Month.name="Jan"

Is there a way suppored in Ant, or should I have define my rules with xslt as per another related query : xmlproperty and retrieving property value of xml element if specific attribute is present/set

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Use xmltask combined with xpath, i.e.:

<!-- Import XMLTask -->
<taskdef name="xmltask" classname="com.oopsconsultancy.xmltask.ant.XmlTask"/>

<macrodef name="grepxml">
 <attribute name="src"/>
 <attribute name="xpath"/>
 <attribute name="result"/>
  <xmltask source="@{src}">
   <copy path=@{xpath}" property="@{result}"/>


 <echo>$${foobar} => ${foobar}</echo>


will grep 'zzz'

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