I've got a Symfony application that have 2 bundles: a public bundle (callable by the URL /public/blahblah/test/...) and an API bundle (callable by the URL /api/getIt). I created 2 subdomains with 2 vhosts, one for the public, one for the api.

Now, I'm looking for a RewriteRule or something else in Symfony that let http://api.mydomain.com be equivalent as http://mydomain.com/api for Symfony, and the same for public.

In casual web, It would be possible by defining the DocumentRoot of the Virtual Host, but I have no idea how to do that being compatible with the Symfony routing system.


Available since symfony 2.2 this can be solved using host-matching routes.


    resource: "@YourApiBundle/Resource/config/routing.yml" # your API's routes
    prefix:   "/"
    host:     "api.mydomain.com"

    resource: "@YourApiBundle/Resource/config/routing.yml"
    prefix:   "/api"
    defaults: "mydomain.com"

Now you only need one vhost just add api.mydomain.com as an alias to your vhost configuration.

vhost config (Apache)

ServerName:  mydomain.com
ServerAlias: api.mydomain.com

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