I have an image link in my Enyo app's index.html, which I'd like to re-open in a new browser window on webOS 3.0.5, so I can reduce the size of the image in the app itself (with width= and height=), but allow the user to view it in the original format (with the possibility of a facility to expand it too?).

onLinkClick: "htmlContentLinkClick"

htmlContentLinkClick: function(inSender, inUrl){

The app's link is:

<img src="images/lookup_cpu.png">

which works fine, but adding

<a href="images/lookup_cpu.png" target="_blank">[+]</a>

does not produce the image in a new browser window when clicked.

I presume this is caused by the webOS browser not accepting local files. Anyone got any suggestions to get round this problem please?



You are correct that the system browser won't have access to an app's directory. You can open an additional window in your Enyo app. You could look at https://developer.palm.com/content/api/dev-guide/enyo/enyo-windows.html for info on windows. There's other information on multi-window apps on http://developer.palm.com. I hope that's enough to get started.

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