I have been trying to get all the characters after the first slash using regexp in Tcl.

What is want is this:


from the above string i want def/ghi.

I tried using the below command, but its only giving ghi

set abc [regexp {([^/]*)$} $string match]

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I think the expression you want is /(.*)$, and then grab cluster group 1 as your result.


Why use a regexp for this simple case?

Just split the string at the first occurrence of /:

set str "abc/def/ghi"
string range $str [string first "/" $str]+1 end

The simplest way of getting the value is this:

regexp {/(.*)} $string -> match

The command will assign the string you want to match, and will (effectively) produce a boolean as a result indicating whether the RE matched at all (i.e., was there a / in the string), allowing you to detect if the input was bogus. No tail-anchoring of the RE is necessary; Tcl's RE engine will greedily consume from the first / to the end of the string.

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