The java library I am dealing with, returns null on errors. Is there an Idiomatic way of saying:

val x:Option[T]


I have looked at the answers at Scala: Boolean to Option. Those are close to what I want, there is more idiomatic way then:

x.isDefined && x.get.isFooable()
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    I think it's safe to say that calling get is generally not idiomatic and kind of defeats the purpose of Option. – Chris Martin Nov 8 '13 at 8:00

The are many ways to process Option. Most idiomatic is lift computation to Option:

val x = Option(true)
x map { if(_) 10 else 20 }

If you use Option[Boolean] for conditional branching than pattern matching is most preferable:

c match {
  case Some(true)  => println("True")
  case Some(false) => println("False")
  case None        => println("Undefined")

And your case:

x.isDefined && x.get.isFooable()

little bit clearly:

x map { _.isFooable } getOrElse false

and finally with Scala Option utility method:

x exists { _.isFooable }
x.exists(_.isFooable) // Returns false if x is None

If you want true as the default for None, use x.forall

x map (_.isFooable) getOrElse false

You want

x map (_.isFooAble()).getOrElse(false)

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