my site streams Soundcloud tracks from various bands using SoundManager2 with the Soundcloud stream_url and added secret_token and client_id. All bands seem to be working except one, and I can't see anything in the API responses that show any difference.

Here is the specific set that has been working for weeks, but started returning a 404 today: https://soundcloud.com/mona-official/sets/torches-pitchforks

The band says they haven't changed anything with their settings, Apps and Widgets are enabled, AND streamable is true for all the tracks in the API - the songs seems to be public anyway and play fine on soundcloud.com. The band's access token still seems to be valid as well.

Thanks! Rick

  • I am also seeing an issue like this, however our stream URLs are resolving 200s, but blank. – diogeneshamilton Nov 9 '13 at 20:34
  • The same happens to me too. I even checked it with their console because I feared that some of my code could be wrong or something. I find it strange btw. that stackoverflow is their way to answer dev-questions but if someone asks a question, they almost never get an answer, like this one for example. As of today it was asked 30 days ago ... – Jeena Dec 8 '13 at 8:30

Here is one ugly workaround if your app can check 404 on stream:



will respond in unconditional JSON response (that is you can't get XML) with RTMP stream, that will be valid for couple of minutes or so:


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