Once upon a time, we can watch the most popular repositories (Most forked or Most watched) at this page (https://github.com/popular/watched) of Github. like this:


But now when you try to explore repos, you can only see the Top 25 trending repositories. like this: https://github.com/trending

Why Github change this, and is there any way to find out the list of the most popular repos?

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If you want most forks, do it like this:

Most Forks

And most starred:

Most Starred


Ranking by stars or forks is not working. Each promoted or created by a famous company repository is popular at the beginning. Also it is possible to have a number of them which are in trend right now (publications, marketing, events). It doesn't mean that those repositories are useful/popular.

The gitmostwanted.com project (repo at github) analyses GH Archive data in order to highlight the most interesting repositories and exclude others. Just compare the results with mentioned resources.

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