Is there a list of the default Eclipse keyboard shortcuts? I'm generally looking for language agnostic things like starting the debugger or deleting an entire line in the source editor.

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    Did you check Google first? Tons of links on the topic - bit.ly/4FgqrN
    – JasCav
    Dec 31, 2009 at 17:11

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Rather than a full list of shortcut (JGlass mentions for Eclipse 4.6 this pdf), I prefer using only a few shortcuts:

  • CTRL+Shift+L: "Show Key Assist", List of shortcuts (depending on the context)


  • CTRL+3: Quick Access

Source: "Good features of Eclipse 3.6 (Eclipse Helios) JDT, 2011, from Sony Thomas"

Those two covers almost everything.

You can add two others:

  • CTRL+1: Quick Fix



Note that Eclipse 2019-09 now shows key bindings when command is invoked.

For presentations, screen casts and learning purposes, it is very helpful to show the corresponding key binding when a command is invoked.
When the command is invoked (via a key binding or menu interaction) the key binding, the command's name and description are shown on the screen. Key binding of triggered command shown on screen


You can activate this in the Preferences dialog via the Show key binding when command is invoked check box on the General > Keys preference page.
To toggle this setting quickly the command 'Toggle Whether to Show Key Binding' can be used (e.g. via the quick access).

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    – cmcculloh
    Dec 31, 2009 at 17:17
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    At these times, the Ctrl+Shift+L` shortcuts has the same binding of Quick text search, that is a really faster way to search for text. From here: Ctrl+Shift+L shows Quick Search; Ctrl+Shift+L twice shows list of shortcut; Ctrl+Shift+L 3 times shows Preferences > General > Keys
    – tigerjack
    Jul 3, 2015 at 15:13
  • The link #3 is broken, e.g. techvj.com/misc/blog_images/eclipse_qaccess/eclipse_qaccess.jpg I tried to find a trace of the image to replace it but cannot. Also tried to edit the article to too many linked non https images (now a requirement) however I did find this nifty list eclipse-shortcuts-4.6.0.pdf
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    @JGlass Thank you. I have replaced the image by a new one, and included your link in the answer for more visibility.
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As VonC said you can get alist of short cuts with the following command.

Ctrl + Shift + L "Show Key Assist", List of shortcuts (depending on the context)


But here are some which you will use often during your development.

Ctrl + Shift + P Switch between openning and closing braces.

Ctrl + Shift + R Open any file quickly without browsing for it in the Package Explorer. This shortcut opens a dialog box that accepts the name of the file you’re looking for.

Ctrl + Shift + T Open a type (e.g.: a class, an interface) without clicking through interminable list of packages. If what you want is a Java type, this shortcut will do the trick.

Ctrl + O Go directly to a member (method, variable) of a class file, especially when there are a lot of methods.

Ctrl + Shift + F Format code.

Ctrl + Shift + / Comment out XML or JSP code.

Ctrl + L Go to line number N in the source file.

Ctrl + E Show a list of open editors.

Ctrl + F6 Move between open editors.

Ctrl + 1 Quick Fix.

Ctrl + 3 Quick Access.

Ctrl + Q Go to the last edit location.

Ctrl + T Go to a supertype/subtype.

Ctrl + I Indent selected code block.

Ctrl + + Move to one problem (i.e.: error, warning) to the next (or previous) in a file.

F3 Go to a type declaration.Alternatively, you can hold Ctrl down and click (ie: Ctrl + Click) the hyperlinked variable.


Ctrl + 2 + L Generate return value type and variable assignment

Alt + Shift + L Generate return value type and variable assignment. but here you can make selections.


F8 Resume

CTRL + F8 Resume.

F5 Step Into

F6 Step Over

F7 Step Return

CTRL R Run to Line.

F11 R Debug

CTRL + SHIFT + B Toogle Break Point

You can find further shortcuts under : Help → Help Contents → Java Development User Guide → Reference → Menus and Actions


Previous answer not quite correct as in Eclipse you can redefine keyword shortcuts (as I often do).

You can always access current list of defined shortcuts by pressing Ctrl + Shift + L in Eclipse (on Windows at least).

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    Questioner asked for "defaults"
    – cmcculloh
    Dec 31, 2009 at 17:16

The full list of defaults in Eclipse 4.6 and earlier versions can be obtained from this GIT Hub page: https://github.com/pellaton/eclipse-cheatsheet specifically https://github.com/pellaton/eclipse-cheatsheet/raw/master/eclipse4.6/eclipse-shortcuts-4.6.0.pdf

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