Similar to this question here, I'm looking to get an element based on it's data-id.

<a href="#" class="whatever" data-item-id="stand-out">...</a>

I'm looking to take action on the a tag. It has a shared class amongst many other elements and has no base id, just a data-item-id.

Can the element be found by it's data-item-id or can I only find out what the data-item-id is?


You can always use an attribute selector. The selector itself would look something like:

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  • Double quotes around (in this case) stand-out are required as per kd12's answer. Note also that this expression will search every a element on the page. If you want to optimize it, you can limit the search using a parent element id or a class. – Henrik Erlandsson Jan 9 at 9:51


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Yes, you can find out element by data attribute.

element = $('a[data-item-id="stand-out"]');
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This worked for me, in my case I had a button with a data-id attribute:



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