I am getting this error while running my app on the device.I have installed the distribution provisioning profile.

error from debugger :error launching remote program: failed to get the task from process 1637


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I came across this question while searching for an answer myself. I figured my problem was I was trying to launch and debug my app from xCode using the Ad-hoc provision rather than the developer 'Debug' provision. xCode would build and copy the app to the device but wouldn't debug.

I just changed the Active Configuration to Debug and the problem was solved. A silly mistake really.

  • This worked for me as well, though I didn't have a Development provisioning profile set up yet. A quick trip to the Organizer to register my device did the trick though. – Steven Hepting May 23 '12 at 19:52

I have two suggestions:

1) Quit simulator and xcode completely. Then start back up.

2) If you can run other projects OK, but not this particular project, it could be something wrong with your projectname.xcodeproj folder.

I spent hours trying to fix a similar problem. I started picking apart changes from subversion and was "diffing" each and every file to find a "breaking change". Finally, I just deleted the entire folder and then restored it from SCM and everything was fixed.

Quit xcode and restart again works for me...

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