I have a problem when I choose a date of the DatePicker everything seems all right:

    $("#datepicker").change(function (ev) {
        var selectedDate = $("#datepicker").val();
        var month = fechaSeleccionada.toString().substring(0, 2);
        var day = fechaSeleccionada.toString().substring(3, 5);
        var year = fechaSeleccionada.toString().substring(6, 10);
        var date = month + day + year;

        var link = '@Url.Action("ListConcreteDay", "Detail",new { id = ViewBag.Id } )' + '/' + date;

the result of link after selecting a date for the first time is correct, something like


But when I choose again, the date variable is appended again and it looks like this


and this is not correct. How can I fix this?

Im doing this this way because I think its imposible to asign a javascript variable to the @Url.Action Method. Am I right?

Thanks in advance!


you can combine url.action with the javascript

var link = '@Url.Action("ListConcreteDay", "Detail",new { id = ViewBag.Id, date = "----" } )'.replace("----", date);

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