So, if I have an actor, I can give it a name. But, can I access that name internally? Example:

class Actorz extends Actor with ActorLogging {
   val actorName = //??What function

   def receive = {
     case x => log.debug(actorName+": Received Message: "+x)

val actor = system.actorOf(Props[Actorz], "named")
actor ! "dogs"

Now, I can pass its name as a constructor parameter. But, that seems like unnecessary duplication if there is a way to get the name internally... as it was set when I instantiated the actor using system.actorOf. API docs didn't seem to have anything.

  • Why do you need actor's name if you are using ActorLogging? Logger provides by default all required information about actor to detect one.
    – Sergii
    Sep 12, 2019 at 10:28

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From an Actor you can use self to get the ActorRef.

val actorName = self.path.name





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