I just noticed reactivePoll() recently - but need a bit of help figuring it out for my use case.

I want to accumulate data into a vector, list, or data.frame (doesn't matter), then plot the data, with the UI showing a graph with data accumulating as new data comes in. The problem is I don't see how to add new data to old data without replacing the old data. In this example (https://gist.github.com/sckott/7388855) I only get the initial row in the data.frame, and the newest one, not an accumulation of all data. For this example, how can I get the data.frame to grow, adding new data at the bottom?

  • Did you ever get anywhere with this problem? – alexwhan Apr 23 '14 at 6:31
  • I think I did, I'll dig up notes and reply with an answer soon... – sckott Apr 26 '14 at 4:36

This can be done using the reactiveValues function:

    ui = 
    server = function(input, output, session) {
      myReact <- reactiveValues(df =data.frame(time=Sys.time()))
      readTimestamp <- function() Sys.time()
      readValue <- function(){
      data <- reactivePoll(1000, session, readTimestamp, readValue)
        myReact$df <- rbind(isolate(myReact$df), data())
      output$dataTable <- renderTable({

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