I have the following situation in Salesforce: A certain fields contains one string. But this string char's all have a significant meaning.

For instance, the string can look like: GHJKL where G, H, J, ... have a certain meaning which is being used in code.

What I would like to do now is perform a Validation on the entered String with following conditions:

  • Only the chars: GHJKL can be entered

  • The char G AND/OR H must be entered at east once

I have following REGEX which detects that only the above chars can be entered:

  • For the first Validation:


  • For the Second Validation:


But the second validation seems not be working. I've tested the Regex using online Regex tester where this seems to be working. But on Salesforce, the regex is constantly providing a False.

Any ideas?



This should be regex for second validation for You


Thanks to Regex AND operator

  • Thanks! I altered your code a bit to the following which suited my needs: (?=.*D).*|(?=.*E).*|[DE]+ – Robin Wijnen Nov 12 '13 at 13:23

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