I am trying to use the basic demo of a javascript called "pathAnimator", which can be found here.

The example code uses a very simple SVG string for demo purposes. But even this basic example generates an SVG error:

Argument 1 of SVGPathElement.getPointAtLength is not a finite floating-point value.

The demo code is as follows:

var path = "M150 0 L75 200 L225 200 Z"; // an SVG path
    pathAnimator = new PathAnimator( path ),    
    speed = 6,              
    reverse = false,        
    startOffset = 0,        
    easing = function(t){ t*(2-t) };

pathAnimator.start( speed, step, reverse, startOffset, finish, easing);

function step( point, angle ){
    // do something every "frame" with: point.x, point.y & angle

function finish(){
    // do something when animation is done

Is this an error in the SVG string or is this just faulty code?


The easing function does not return a value. Try:

easing = function(t){ return t*(2-t); };
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