I created a new VS 2013 project and viewed the default.aspx page with the Firefox browser. When I check the net calls it has made, I see it making constant calls to:


Why is it doing that? How do I stop those calls? I see an infinite number of calls made to the above URL every 6 seconds. Please help me understand this and fix this.


This is working as intended. Artery aka BrowserLink is a real-time connection from Visual Studio to all browsers running your code. It essentially allows Visual Studio to interact with every browser.

For instance if you have IE, Opera, Chrome and Firefox all running your code and you're trying to ensure cross browser correctness; instead of going to each browser and hitting f5 to refresh you can just click the browser link refresh button which will auto-refresh all of the pages for you.

Not everyone wants or needs to have this functionality so if you do want to disable it, as Gustavo Armenta said you can disable it by following the steps here: How can I disable __vwd/js/artery in VS.NET 2013?

Hope this helps!

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    Here is a link which describes it in detail and how to use it "How to use Browser Link" – Remy Apr 7 '14 at 21:26
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    This "tool" basically broke my javascript code today. It prevents chrome from showing the print preview page until page reloads. – Francisco Apr 15 '14 at 4:15
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    Following VS2013 Update 4 this feature seems to have been consistently hanging IE11 in Windows 8...I had to disable it in order to test my website in IE11. – Richard Ev Nov 17 '14 at 16:15
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    It makes 20K requests in less than 30 seconds and uses cpu heavily. The feature might be useful but it causes too much trouble even on an intel i7 cpu – dvdmn Dec 10 '14 at 20:55

I would recommend you to read this post first Browser Link feature in Visual Studio Preview 2013 to understand about this new feature that comes in with VS 2013.

And then to disable this, simply uncheck the "Enable browser link" option.

enter image description here


You can hide the polling requests from the Chrome developer tools Network tab so that the requests you are actually interested in become visible. You can hide the polling requests by adding a negative filter:

  • On the Network tab, click the filter button to open the filter options
  • Enter "-poll" without the quotes to hide the polling requests.


enter image description here


Had issues with that on site running with KnockoutJS framework. Pages were freezing for 10 seconds until "BrowserLink" external scripts were loading (using Chrome browser).

Issue solved by disabling "Browser link" feature in VS 2013

Steps How to disable "Browser link" (thanks to Gustavo Armenta for leaving comment with link in question)

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