I was looking through some old downvoted questions, and I came across How to add 2 numbers in jQuery, and I saw that:

$(1)+$(2)="[Object object][Object object]"

So then tried to see what $(1) put out, and it turned out to be [1], and likewise for $(2) and [2].

Normally, when you try to add [1]+[2], it will give you "12", but if you add $(1) and $(2), it gives you "[object Object][object Object]".

What is the explanation for this behavior?


$(1) might display in your console as [1], but don't be fooled, it's still a jQuery object, not an int in an array.

console.log(Array.isArray($(1)) //false

[object Object] is usually what displays if you convert any object to a string, so that's why it shows up as [object Object] when it's a string.

When you do the addition there, it probably first converts both of these objects to strings (because it doesnt know how to add objects) and then concatenates the strings.

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  • typeof [] // object - Array.isArray($(1)) might demonstrate your point better. – Emissary Nov 12 '13 at 14:40

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