I am new to Android studio, it seems to be great IDE. But I have found that it has really strange key and shortcut mapping. I am using Czech keyboard.

When I try to type ">" by pressing Right ALT + . the symbol is not appearing, and I got message box that says "Go to custom Region. There are no custom foldings regions in the current file."

It is really strange behaviour, I have problem with writing many more characters like brackets,..... I tried to set keymap profiles to Visual Studio and more. But nothing seems to work. I didn't have any of these problems in any other IDE (Netbeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Xamarin)

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Add this line:


to this file:


As written here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-91975

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    Or Help/Edit custom properties, so you don't need to search that file (which can be not existing yet) in current version of AS (3.3.2). – Velda Apr 5 '19 at 12:59

Yes, well... its problem with "old" keyboards. Newer keyboards don't have Alt Gr keys and IDE doesn't count on this in default.


  1. Buy a new keyboard with no Alt Gr on it (using right Alt instead of Alt Gr is working for me)
  2. Go to File -> Settings -> Keymap and search for implementation - delete Ctrl + Alt + B, hit "Apply" and you can now use this shortcut for "{"
  3. As already mentioned below... add following line to ..\<Android Studio folder>\bin\idea.properties:


    (update) Since newer version of AS (not sure which one, should be 2.3.3+), you don't need to manually access the properties file. Go to Help -> Edit Custom Properties and add actionSystem.force.alt.gr=true there.

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    thumb up for solution #2 :-) – teejay Oct 7 '14 at 18:24
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    Agreed, solution #2 worked for me as well. You can also click the small magnifying glass next to the search bar and click CTRL + ALT + <Button that is not working for you> to find the function that is being called when you click ALT GR + <Button that is not working for you>. – Marvos Jan 11 '15 at 14:53
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    Buy a new keyboard... I have 1 year old logitech wireless keyboard with Alt Gr so... – raco Aug 16 '15 at 0:40
  • What I ment was - buy a new keyboard with no "alt gr" on it :) – arenaq Aug 17 '15 at 6:51
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    It's not a question if it's old (or old style) keyboard or not. For example all hungarian layout keyboards have the AltGr button, because a bunch of special characters are bound with it, since we don't have dedicated buttons for [], etc. We have some extra characters in the languare (ÖÜÓŐÚÉÁŰÍ) which takes up their own buttons, so we need to use the AltGr button to write []{}<>#&@ etc. characters. That being said, the best solution is the properties file (why isn't there an option for this in settings?) and not temper with the key bindings. – Drusantia Mar 12 '18 at 11:37

Go to Preferences -> Keymap and choose Mac OS X as Keymaps.

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I have been a long time Visual Studio user, so wanted to leverage all the keyboard shortcuts that I had picked up using Visual Studio.

On Android Studio, I first changed the Keymap to be Visual Studio. You can do this by using Alt+F7 on Windows and then search for Keymap.

By using the Visual Studio Keymap in Android studio, I got only debug related mapping, which was still a minority of what I use in Visual Studio.

So went ahead and added/modified some more mappings. Here is the github link https://github.com/vinayakg/VisualStudioKeymapforAndroidStudio/blob/master/settings.jar.

PR's welcome.

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As for '>' sign (AltGr + .) and Android Studio 1.0.1, go to File>Settings, choose Keymap in IDE Settings section, search for "GotoCustomRegion" item (it is located in MainMenu-Navigate) and remove its mapping (via context menu).

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If you're using macOS newest versions and have had weird behavior with the shortcuts, try this:

Go to Android Studio -> Preferences -> Keymap

Now change from "Mac OS X" to "Mac OS X 10.5+" and hit apply.

Select Mac OS X 10.5+

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