Using LibreOffice in Ubuntu 13.10 I am desperately trying to export the content of a sheet (4 columns) into a pdf (portrait), so all 4 columns fit on a page. A page nicely explains all the settings - but they do not have any effect!

I select all the range I want to export to a pdf (the 4 columns previously mentioned), click File -> Export as PDF, and no matter what I change (e.g. zoom to 7%), the generated pdf contains two pages: One page with the first three columns, and another page with the fourth column.

This is quite cumbersome and ridiculous, and any help is appreciated to solve this problem.


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Maybe the LibreOffice Help is misleading here. Those settings (Fit width etc) just affect how to display the resulting PDF. If you want to scale the output to make it fit to a certain number of pages, you will have to modify the page styles's properties: Menu Format -> Page... -> Sheet Tab.

Fit Width

Here, you have three options:

  • Reduce / enlarge printout: set a fixed scaling factor (e.g. 50 %);
  • Fit print range(s) to width / heigth: set either the maximum width or maximum heigth in pages, scaling will be proportionally in every case;
  • Fit print range(s) on number of pages: set the maximum page number.

In your case, just select the third option and set the page number to 1:

Fit to page number


Go to File > Print Preview, and adjust the content size with the zoom slider. Click Export and you're done.

  • Nice and easy trick, worked for me, thanks!
    – maltem-za
    Dec 7, 2023 at 14:29

I had the same settings as in tohuwawohu's answer, though page still ended too early after column EF, no matter of Scale, Page width or margin settings. Then I discovered Format -> Print Ranges -> Edit menu with custom range - img.

Changing to last column solved my problem. HTH somebody.

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