WooCommerce plugin comes with a widget for product categories. I would like to display this widget outside of the sidebar using a template tag.

I can use this template tag <?php the_widget( 'WC_Widget_Product_Categories' ); ?> but it displays the categories as an unordered list, I would like to display it as a drop down list.

The widget itself comes with options when you add it in the widget section, I cant figure out how to set these options (specifically the drop down list) in the template tag so it shows up correctly.

I also tried this tag <?php woocommerce_product_dropdown_categories( 1,1,1,1 );?> which displays the product categories as a drop down list but when you click on the category nothing happens (ie it doesn't take you to the category page you clicked on).

Any ideas how I can achieve this?


I figured it out, this is the tag I used:

<?php the_widget( 'WC_Widget_Product_Categories', 'dropdown=1' ); ?>

From the codex on this page <?php the_widget( $widget, $instance, $args ); ?>

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