I'm writing a program for school in FORTRAN. We have to write a program where the user enters a number of grades. With that number of grades, I have to make the program prompt the user that many times to enter the grades. I think I would use a dimensional variable, but I don't know how.

So far I have this, with obvious compiling errors:

INTEGER :: NumGrades
REAL :: GradeAverage

WRITE (*,*) 'Enter Number of grades: '
READ (*,*) NumGrades
N = NumGrades

REAL, Dimension(N) :: Grade

WRITE (*,*) 'Enter the individual grades: '
READ (*,*) Grade

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Since it's homework, hints only: (i) make grade an allocatable array; (ii) you'll need a do loop to read numgrades grades. Also, you don't need both n and numgrades, you can just read(*,*) numgrades directly. – High Performance Mark Nov 13 '13 at 13:43
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    Note also that what you call "dimensional variable" is properly called an array. – Kyle Kanos Nov 13 '13 at 14:25

Assuming your assignment isn't overdue, you could use allocation. It essentially lets you give an array size after initializing your variables.

INTEGER :: NumGrades
REAL :: GradeAverage !Not exactly sure what this is used for in this snippet
INTEGER :: i !Used for loop counters    

WRITE (*,*) 'Enter Number of grades: '
READ (*,*) NumGrades

allocate(Grade(NumGrades)) !size(Grade) == NumGrades or whatever you inputted

WRITE (*,*) 'Enter the individual grades: '
!DO i = 1, NumGrades
    READ(*, *) Grade(i)

GradeAverage = sum(Grade) / size(Grade) !Just thought I'd throw this in

The dimension(:) lets the computer know that there is no defined size yet.

Alternatively, you can set the array size to a max integer value if you don't care about memory constraints.

Hope you got this for your assignment!

Edit - Oh yeah, don't forget to deallocate(Grade).

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