Hi i get an error with this code that StringVar() is not defined, and its probably a small thing but i am not that experienced with tkinter and would like some help, thanks.

Here's my code:

import tkinter as tk

class Converter1(tk.Tk):
    def __init__(self):
        self.entry = tk.Entry(self)
        self.variable = StringVar()
        self.variable.set("Miles to Kilometers") # default dropdown menu value
        self.menu = tk.OptionMenu(self, variable, "Miles to Kilometers", "Kilometers to Miles")
        self.button = tk.Button(self, text="Convert!", command=self.convertMK)

    def convtertMK(self): # converts the miles and kilometers using the dropdown menu
        if var.get() == "Miles to Kilometers":
            print(int(self.entry.get()) * 1.6093)
            print(int(self.entry.get()) / 1.6093)        

converter = Converter1()

Here's the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/MaxBookPro/Desktop/test.py", line 25, in <module>
    converter = Converter1()
  File "/Users/MaxBookPro/Desktop/test.py", line 8, in __init__
    self.variable = Variable1
NameError: global name 'Variable1' is not defined

Thanks again.


You need to specify the tk.StringVar(), as you did for every other tk function you specified.

self.variable = tk.StringVar()

This is because you just did an import tk. As an alternative, you could import just the functions you need, or even all of them, by one of the two following lines:

from tk import StringVar
from tk import *

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