I have the following dataset for my ssrs report :

 Year Month Sales1 Sales2
  2013  3     29.22   29.99

I want to show Sales1 & Sales2 in a pie chart. I want to format it to show only 1 decimal place.

I right click on the chart, select series label properties, Under Number I select the decimal formatting needed.

I see in the graph that only sales1 is getting formatted and sales2 doesnt . example : I see 29.2 for Sales1 , but for sales2 I still see 29.99. Is there an efficient way to format both the values in a pie chart


Found the solution for my question myself :-).

The above procedure I used to format the values , formats only the first value. It should technically format all the values used. It kind of is a bug on SSRS.

Checking the Properties for each of the values Sales1 and Sales2 showed that , the format property was not set for Sales2. So , this part has to be done manually.

So I set the format manually and the solution works !!

Hope it helps someone who come across the same problem .

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