So here's the thing, I have two datatables side by side and I nedd to add items(rows) from Table A to Table B.

'Before' datatable I was doing all right using append:

function add(num)
      $("#myDiv1 tr#p"+num).appendTo("#myDiv2");

Of course this doesn't work with datatables since does not update the table, and I can't seem to get It working using datatables functions, my code goes like the following but isn't working at all:

function add()
       stockTable = $('#stocktable').dataTable();
       catalogTable = $('#catalogtable').dataTable();
       var trdata = stockTable.fnGetData($(this).closest('tr'));

Help appreciated!

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It is unclear exactly what is not working, but here is a working example :

stockTable.on('click', 'tbody tr' ,function() {
   var $row = $(this);
   var addRow = stockTable.fnGetData(this);

demo -> http://jsfiddle.net/AgB38/

Update. The above answer was targeting dataTables 1.9.x. Below is the same answer targeting dataTables 1.10.x, using the new API.

stockTable.on('click', 'tbody tr' ,function() {
    var $row = $(this);
    var addRow = stockTable.row($row);

demo -> http://jsfiddle.net/4cf43tv1/

  • Damn GENIUS. EXACTLY what I needed. Apparently I had no clue of what I was doing, no it seems so clear... Thanks a lot man.
    – Chrishow
    Commented Nov 15, 2013 at 15:53
  • davidkonrad, although your code is a lifesaver there's a glitch somewhere, I changed it to move the rows back and forth by clicking a button but "sometimes" it sends the wrong tr, can you help me? Thanks in advance.
    – Chrishow
    Commented Nov 18, 2013 at 15:27
  • v1.10 doesn't appear have any of these fn**** functions. Nothing mentioned in the documentation either :(
    – Robula
    Commented May 1, 2015 at 12:49
  • can this be changed to drag and drop instead of click
    – Rob85
    Commented Jan 26, 2017 at 18:56

if table rows has custom css styles you can use row().node instead row().data() to copy classes and other attributes

         btpick.click(function() {
                selected: true
            }).every(function() {

and here a function to move all rows

         btpickall.click(function() {

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