I'm attempting to generate a dataTable with columns dinamycally, so I've a List<List> when a List inside of a List is the content of my column, but when I try to show it I can't display not much.

So, this is the code of my Bean:

public class Controlador {

   private List<List> estadistico;

   public void inicializar(){
      this.estadistico = new ArrayList<List>();

      this.estadistico.add(  Arrays.asList( new Integer[]{0,1,24})); 
      this.estadistico.add(  Arrays.asList( new Integer[]{5,1,34})); 
      this.estadistico.add(  Arrays.asList( new Integer[]{12,1,4})); 

   //getter's and setter's

And this is the view:

    <!-- estadistico is  List<List> -->
    <p:dataTable value="#{controlador.estadistico}" var="lista">
        <!-- lista is List of numbers
             and I suppose that value is each number
        <p:columns value="#{lista}" var="value" >

I expected some like :

0     5    12 
1     1    1
24    34   4

what am I doing wrong?

What is the correct way?

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The <p:columns value> cannot refer the <p:dataTable var>. It is technically and logically not possible to control the columns on a per-row basis. They have to be controlled on a per-table basis.

If your model guarantees that every nested list has the same size, then this should do:

<p:dataTable value="#{controlador.estadistico}" var="lista">
    <p:columns value="#{controlador.estadistico[0]}" columnIndexVar="i">

See also the <p:columns> showcase.

  • Thanks for you answer faster, but I get values like a row, row 1: 0 1 24 row 2: 5 1 34 and row 3: 12 1 4
    – Cristian
    Nov 15, 2013 at 18:19
  • Right, just fix the model accordingly so that it returns exactly what the view expects.
    – BalusC
    Nov 15, 2013 at 18:24

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