I have created a concatenated, minified file through the Node.js wrapper for Google Closure Compiler. When I open the Developer Tools in Google Chrome, both the source map and the mapped files all load appropriately.

A problem I'm having is that breakpoints aren't triggering in the source map files like they would running an unminified, separate-file session. Sometimes I'll try to place a breakpoint in a script and it will jump several lines down rather than where I'm trying to set it. But what is most frustrating is that when I can set a breakpoint, they aren't triggered! I'll set one in the middle of a function that I know is being called, but the script never pauses execution.


I'm running Chrome 31.0.1650.57 on Ubuntu 13.10. I can't get it to work in Firefox 25.0 either.


From what I can gather, the breakpoints jump due to the closure compiler combining statements and Chrome only supporting whole statements as breakpoints.

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